Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear All,
Murshidabad Administration is again organising the HAZARDUARY UTSAV this year on 17th and 18th February 2011. The programme was organsied last year for 3 days in March and was well appreciated by all. It will have and exhibition of products of handicrafts produced by local artisans and Self Help Groups like silk, cotton, jute..., brass etc. from 2 PM till 8PM on both days.
On 17th Programme will be inaugurated by Hon'ble Tourism minister, Govt. of West Bengal at 4 PM. Followed by cultural programmes based on Sufi music, qawwali, boul and fakiri songs, Kathak and Sufi kathak performed by artists of national and internation repute. I will invite all of you to attend. Best wishes.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear All,
We organised and celebrated first ever NATIONAL VOTERS DAY in district of Murshidabad. The function at district hq at Berhampore was attended by first time voters as well one over 100 year old elector. We had distributed EPIC to new electors and a letter of felicitation to the veteran voter by presenting her a citation.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Dear Friends
Wish all of you and your family members a very Happy New Year. I also welcome you all on the blog. During last election also I tried to use this as an informal channel to post some informations, thoughts, some draft procedures, some suggestions, some opinions some informal advices,etc. etc. Through feedbacks, comments etc. from your side we improved them before making them final or before implementing them.

Since almost one phase of SRER is over and we would be proceeding towards EPIC campaign, continuos updation, nation voters day, election perse.... I would request all of you to personally visit at least twice this blog everyday.. and share your comments, feedback etc freely and informally.
This blocg is not only for elkection but any matter between you and me , between all of you as an officer, as a person and as part of a team and as family members.

wish you all the best in coming year and years.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


1. I have earlier requested that each SDO, each BDO and each ERO shall condcut a random check of atleast electoral rolls of 3 parts regarding disposal of FORM6,FOrm 7, FORm 8, decision of ERO/ AERO, manuscript, data entry, appearance in final computer print out / Supplement and total numbers and send me a confirmation. [ report still awaited} SDOs are requested to coordinarte and submit a confirmation / compliance from all ERO/ BDO under him by 20th March 2009.
2. I have seen that good coverage could be made in EPIC campaign in most of the ACs. Please ensure that data is merged and EPIC prepared and distributed to all by 25tth MArch, 2009. Keep in mind that all those voters who have been photographed in this campaign / previous campaign will not be able to vote on the day of poll if they do not get their EPIC. In such cases they would be a potential law and order problem, potential attraction of observer and media and dislocation of poll process on the day of poll. Please ensure that all EPIC are distributed.
3. I have visited few sub-divisions recently. on the way I have seen that a good nos. of wall writing has been painted (mostly private). PLease be sure that even in such cases appropriate procedure is followed and action taken. PLesae ask MCC Squad to not to hesitagte or show any linenancy owards any one who is violates the code. Issue notices and lodge FIR in case of non compliance. SDOs to ensure that AROs are activated to the fullest for ERO/ EPIC/ continuos updation and Model code of conduct.
4. MCC squads has to be active suo moto. DOnot depend only on complaints. In other district huge nos. of FIR has been lodged. In our district NIL FIRs.?? there might be reason that in our district political parties / candidatres are concerned about MCC or they are complying notices- in such cases it is appreciable for both - administration and political parties / candidates. But if we are complacent / non bothered or have closed our eyes and ears or hesitant or biased `--then there is problem for all of us. ECI is watching and ACTING TOUGH ALSO. SDOS/ ROs/ EROS/ AROs and BDOs please be active and fast.
5.I am pasting link to few queries on MCC and reply of CEO. Please go through them and act accrodingly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some points for you

Few important points for your information and actions -

1. Since the performance of EPIC compaign despite of extensioon has been very poor (district average is about 88%) we are extending the EPIC Programme for two more days . i.e. 14th AMrch 2009 and 15th March 2009 from 10.30 AM in each block office. Only photo taking for fresh / new voter would be taken ( or voters having no EPIC). DUplicate and corrections are not allowed. Please make arrangements accordingly.

2. All BDOs to take necessary action including miking and publicity and information to political parties. Communicate two points - that without EPIC no one can become polling or counting agent and it would be easier to vote EPIC. Analyse your booth wise data and booths having more non-EPIC shall be given special attention on 14th and 15th March. One camera can be in BDO office and other can go to these booths.

3. Ask BLOs to hold booth level meetings and take following steps -

a. Clear doubt about survey of missing voters that their names might be deleted. Tell BLAs and others that It is only survey and no names will be deleted. This list will be given to Presiding officer so that he can be alert and check the identity of person when he or some one in his place come to vote on poll day.
b. To conduct the survey of missing voters and prepare a list ( you have to finally provide this list to every concerned Presiding officer wher there are missing voters)
[so keep it ready in computer and keep updating and finall can print and give to Presiding officer}
c. Ask BLOs to convey in the booth level and village that there would be a last time photo taking exercise on 14th and 15th March 2009.

4. There will be a meeting at District Level in Conference hall of Circuit house on 14th March 2009. ALL ADMs/ PD DRDC/ SDOs/ EROs/ BDOs/ O.c election and O/cs of all cells to attend with { SDOs to inform all BDOs and EROs and O/c election to inform all O/c of cells at district level)-

a) upto date reports on EPIC Campaign, Premises analysis ( booth wise premise details), REport on Missing Voters,
b) Upto date report on Continuos updation ( including details of disposals)
c) tentative information on DC/ RC and counting Venue details

Other agenda which may be discussed ( no report is required at the momemt) -
a. Physical verification of polling booths, including arrangemnts of ramps, toilet, approach roads, sheds, requiremnts of temporary structure, need for space for auxilliary polling stations
b. Accommodation for Observersc. Report mechanism
d. Booth wise details along with critical status ( whatever has been done so far)
e. Route map.f. Route chart considering DC/RC and counting venue and vehicle terminus / parking space.g. Block profile containing block map showing vulnerable area, GP wise census report with male/female break up. List of polling stations with no
of voters with M/F break up ( no report rquired)
h. Sector arrangement with communication plan.i. Proforma report on 100% physical verification of poling stations with digital photo.j. Budget requirement w.r.t. Election conduct ( bring tentative budget if you can).k. Exhaustive list of employees to be engaged in election other than polling duty (discussion only)

Data back-up for Manuscripts and EPIC

The data back-up for
(1) Manuscrpts for 2nd supplement
(2) Manuscripts for Service Voters
(3) EPIC back ups
must reach CEO Office as the following schedule:
Ist phase districts (For our district of Farakka and SHamsher Ganj AC) - by 20.3.2009
for remaining ACs (IInd phase districts) : by 25.3.2009
SDOs please ask EROs/ BDOs to get ready and act.


Some tasks to be done (proposed ) . Anyone to help me to modify or extend it ????

Missing Voters in Format 8./8A

  1. part wise /Booth wise details along with critical status
  2. Route map
  3. Route chart according to DC?RC and vehicle terminal / parking point.
  4. Block profile containing block map showing vulnerable areas, GP wise census report with male/female break up.
  5. List of polling stations with no.of voters with M/F break up
  6. Sector arrangement with communication plan.
  7. Proforma report on 100% physical verification of poling stations with digital photo.
  8. Budget requirement w.r.t. Election conduct.
  9. Exhaustive list of employees to be engaged in election other than polling duty to be send by BDOs for exemption after they have send the list of all employees.